Donation from LOVEPLUSPET to VCA Animal Specialty Group

Because this hip brace is not fit to the dogs, our custiomer require return and refund.

Considering many aspects, we donate this brace to VCA Animal Specialty Group, Hope this hip brace would help other needing dogs.

The LOVEPLUSPET Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace is perfect for Hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis or arthritis. Dog Hip Support Brace provide support for dog’s hip and lower back. Its main function is stabilises and warms the hip articulation, reduces the pain. Breathable material wore comfortable. Left and right leg signs make it easier to wear.



VCA Animal Specialty Group


VCA Animal Specialty Group is the animal hospital of choice for referring veterinarians and pet owners in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Founded in 1987, VCA is a family of hometown animal hospitals committed to making a positive impact for pets, people, and our communities. We care about the communities we serve and every pet within them, not just those we see in our hospitals. Every hospital carries a sense of pride for the legacy of excellence they’ve built and the stories of service that are deeply connected to their local communities.


VCA Animal Specialty Group known for industry-leading medicine, at VCA they don’t just use cutting-edge tools and best practices, they also develop them.


Social Responsibility


Every action we take is guided by the conviction that each pet’s life is precious. Everything we do is motivated by this dedication to pet well-being. As one of the world’s largest providers of veterinary care, we are uniquely equipped to have a far-reaching positive impact. Whether innovating new technology-enabled approaches to care or providing support to shelters and rescue organizations across the county, we are doing our part to build A Better World for Pets™. For over two decades, VCA has been committed to helping animal welfare organizations lessen return to shelters, end pet homelessness and encourage pet adoption nationwide.



Caring for the future of veterinary medicine starts with caring for those who care for animals. We are dedicated to continually enhancing our culture of caring, where a “How are you?” is asked with genuine compassion and answered earnestly and openly. We recognize that building an organization of thriving people means prioritizing wellness and mental health—candidly, creatively and without judgment.



We believe we all have a responsibility to care for the world we share. This means being ever mindful of our effect on the Earth’s health and taking decisive steps to minimize our environmental impact. Prudent energy use is part of our hospital culture as we “Paws to Turn Off” energy-consuming technology. And reuse and recycling practices at our hospitals contribute to our goal of lessening our environmental impact.

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